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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handmade part 3


  1. Well, this is not exactly what I call handmade!

    This is 'assembled', but not handmade...

    The only thing that is really handmade is the braids...

    Get creative...

    Learn more patterns and try to apply them, and try to stay away from the little metal templates. Use more than just braiding.

    Any girl can buy these small metal danglings and accessories and braid a couple of strings.

    Try to make some thing that no one can easily do ;-)


    Swan Lake

  2. U r right ;) but I just get started ;)
    Thaaaanx ;)

  3. mmmmm... this changes the image :-)

    Then one year from now I expect images of handmade stuff that will make us go 'woooooow!! this can't be handmade!'

    Good luck in your new passion :-)

    Swan Lake (a SHE!)