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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rain: i feel the same!

I still reading all the post but not commenting on anything just b'coz i don't feel i want too!! i keep reading Rain blog and how she feel these days, i just wana say i feel the SAME!! i'm not in the mood for anything.. i have lots of ideas i wanna talk about them but don't feel i wanna write!!
anyway ad3oli ashfa min had al mrd :(
and b'coz i don't want u to feel that u read 7aki fadi i wanna share a song that i love with u :)
c u soon


  1. Waiting for both of u ya amar....don't take ur time....we want u both back soooooooooooooooooon mashe :)

  2. مالكما؟

    زي ما حكيت لرينو

    u need a vacation "too" :)

  3. whisper : i fighting to back :)

    haitham: b3rf !! nfsi asafer :((

  4. First I'm not gone!Whisper and Haitham,I'm right here!I'm just not doing anything!!

    Hana wak you need to enjoy this it's great!just don't do anything...lay back and relax with your popcorn..this IS your vacation..it is just a mental one! ;)
    Love that song :)

  5. bakrahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

  6. what else is new :P

    **hana is SO gonna kick us outta here :Pp

  7. she's gonna kick you..ana Hana bet7ebny v_v

  8. lol haitham & rain .. u really make me laugh :)
    ahlah o sahlah fekom daymn ttna2ro 3ala my blog :P
    love u all bs ymkn rain aktr shwai :P

    the last new i had fun these days and i guess i'm good so soon inshallah i'll be back :)

  9. hana: meet my hating list! For more info; check with rain


  10. Haitham 6o2 w moooooooooooooooooot...I mean I love you too Hana..seriously! :*** <3

    Good for you!..let's enjoy our nothing and be good at it YAY!

  11. i think i have better idea , we all should take a week off , and not write anything !! i liked rain idea about lay back and not do anything!! or i think not think about anything!! i think this summarize my life!! :)

    BTW! ban both , rain and H. ! they are spammer!

  12. haitham : from the name of the list i don't wanna meet it :S i said i love u both but u know how girls :P

    rain: i'm enjoying :) thank God ( kef o e7na nsof swa :P )

    w7l: i dunno if it would be a week or less or more.. y spammer :( ?